Politics along the Wapack Corridor

Temple Dems Inter-Holiday-Drop-Inn: An Invitation

temple dems drop inn 25-Nov-15

Our regularly scheduled Temple Dems Drop Inn at the Birchwood Inn on the evening before Thanksgiving was well attended and a pleasurable gathering.  Eleven Dems from as far away as Coastal Connecticut came together to enjoy Andrew’s popular London Fish and Chips, while talking up the day’s political news and happenings along the Wapack Corridor — augh !!! That NED Pipeline !!!!

So . . . let’s do it again !!

Please join us on Wednesday, December 30th in the Rufus Porter Room at Temple’s Birchwood Inn for our regular Drop Inn, where you can enjoy an evening of fine English Cuisine, Pub Spirits, and Big Tent Democratic Welcoming Hospitality !!!   We will start at 6:45 pm.  See you there !!!

RSVP  to thawkins@northroad.com

london style fish fry 25-Nov-15


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